Managed Services

We handle your processes on a continuous basis, while maintaining the highest security standards. We will protect your core values: information, resources and reputation. You will gain access to the best technology along with expert service and flexible financing.

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Managed Services from Integrity Partners?

Emerging threats and new legislation force companies to implement appropriate security solutions, which is not easy when experts are in short supply. We offer selected services in the managed services model, ensuring process continuity and increased efficiency. Our managed services offering is aimed at companies looking for support in the area of security.

Security layers

Decide what areas you want to protect and choose the services to suit your needs. We will provide protection on multiple levels or focus on the layers of your choice.
Security architecture
Access control and network anomaly detection
Email protection
User protection
Building phishing awareness
Protection of privileged identity
Protection of web applications

As part of our managed services you will receive:


We offer the support of our best experts in the implementation and maintenance of services.


We provide modern and proven security solutions.

Attractive Funding

We guarantee a fixed and predetermined funding scheme in the form of a subscription.

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