Identity Security

Protecting and Managing Digital Identity

Managing access rights to enterprise resources, including systems, databases, and applications, is a key element of cybersecurity strategy. It supports data protection, ensures compliance with regulations, helps in reducing costs through process automation, and enhances efficiency.

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Every organization, especially large ones, faces the challenge of efficiently granting and revoking employee, collaborator, and customer permissions to company resources, applications, and internal systems, and thus to information. This information is often sensitive or constitutes a corporate secret. Properly granting and administering these permissions according to the needs of the company is crucial for two main reasons: company security and employee management.
For our clients, we offer renowned and respected solutions from trusted manufacturers – SailPoint and CyberArk. Our team of experts with years of experience assists in their selection, implementation, and training.

In the field of Identity Security, we specialize in the following areas:

Management of access to enterprise resources in a hybrid environment
Privileged access management
Secrets management in the DevOps environment

How We Work with the Client:

  1. We get to know the company – its structure, work model and organization, development plans, and business strategy.
  2. We review the systems and tools operating within the company.
  3. We identify solution categories that will optimally facilitate work and help the company achieve its intended goals.
  4. We analyze risks.
  5. We assist in designating a team that should be involved in the implementation of systems to ensure the process is efficient and meets the expectations of all stakeholders.
  6. We support in choosing specific solutions.
  7. We co-create a communication strategy for the change.
  8. We participate in training for employees and users of new tools.
  9. We prepare an infrastructure development strategy tailored to the company’s development plans.
  10. We advise whether the systems that have been functioning in the company for years still fulfill their role, and we indicate how to optimally manage them.

Our Identity Security awards and recognitions

CyberArk Certification Partner of the Year 2023

CyberArk CIS Advanced Partner 2019

SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Architect

SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Engineer

SailPoint Certified IdentityNow Engineer

SailPoint Certified IdentityNow Professional

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