Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile device and app security, offering real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats on Android, iOS and Chromebook endpoints.

The company was founded under the premise that the then current state of mobile security was insufficient to solve the growing mobile security problem. At the time, most mobile security was a port from traditional endpoint security technologies.

Our solutions include zIPS which runs locally on any mobile device and detects cyberattacks without a connection to the cloud and our first-of-its-kind Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), a comprehensive solution that helps organizations protect their mobile apps from development to running in the wild on end user devices.

zIPS provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices similar to what next generation endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions do for traditional endpoints. To help organizations assess the security and privacy risks of installed apps, zIPS also includes our z3A (advanced app analysis) scanning engine.

MAPS is comprised of three solutions:

  • zScan, which helps organizations discover and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues;
  • zShield, which hardens the app through obfuscation and anti-tampering; and
  • zDefend, an SDK embedded in apps to help detect and defend
    against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks while the
    app is in use.