CybeReady is an innovative company that has developed a wide range of means and methods to support organizations around the world in the adoption of best practice information security.
It helps them feel safe, focusing on training their weakest link: the people.
CybeReady created a solution called Anti-Phishing Simulation as a Service that sending fake e-mails with different scenarios attacks (Spray and Spear phishing) to company’s employees, using the “capsules education” leads them towards getting better phishing detection.
When an employee opens a link to the fake e-mail, is “marked” in the report as a potential security risk, and directed to a personalized landing page that explains to him the nature of phishing and gives a short instructional video on identifying phishing emails.
Each month, the organization receives a CybeReady report monitoring employees for “behavioral data in the light of various phishing attacks”, the level of risk exposure to the organization of phishing attacks and workers learning curves.